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VE message today is modern, followed by family restaurations, freedom from bad habits, divine healing, salvation from eternal death, profethic words and Revival Ministry with new churches planted in: Campabasso (Italy), Taranto (Italy), kidsgrove and Peterborough in UK.

Evangelist since 1986, Pastor Carmine Riondino is preaching God’s Gospel from UK and he is the Director of Victory Evangelism an International Evangelistic charity ministry registered in Italy in 1992 and now in UK also. 

VE has touched hundreds of thousands of people with literature and open air meetings, evangelistic meetings, personal prayers with laying of the hands, invitations at end of Revival campaigns and TV ministry.

(From Pr. Riondino ): Our Vision is based on people being touched through: Revival of Repentance; Revival of Forgiveness; Revival of Transformation; Revival of Dedication and consacration; Revival of Obedience, Unity, Submission; Revival of Praise, Worship and Adoration; Revival of Love for His Word; Revival of Fire and Purification; Revival of Miracles and Divine Healing.

We believe that Revival will transform family, towns, nations and will bring spiritual & moral reformations in families because all people are DEAD in sins but all have got the human ability to repent and accept Christ has their personal Lord & Saviour !

LASTLY: We believe that Revival is here right now: It is here through Repentance, Forgiveness, Evangelism and Church Growth: These 4 factors were the Acts of the Holy Spirit dynamite explosions in the first church and it is the same today!